History of Elim Mennonite Church, Grunthal

Stories of several founding members of Elim
The spirit of these people was wounded by the horrific events that had occurred during the Russian revolution, and yet their faith in the grace of God and His guidance became hammered and polished into the hardness of steel.
Elim Russia Trek.doc
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History of our Church Services and Operations
Changes within our church have always evolved slowly over time and after much debate. Change however is inevitable as history proves.
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Celebration Traditions
God’s people unite to worship, to give and receive support, to teach and learn, to weep and laugh, to work and play, and to celebrate God’s goodness, love and mercy.
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Choral Singing Traditions
Elim has a rich and colorful tradition of choral singing in both choir and congregational settings
The Elim Church Choral Singing Tradition
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