About us at Elim Mennonite Church, Grunthal

Our vision, at Elim, is to be passionate disciples of Jesus Christ, walking in obedience, faithfulness, and love.

Sunday morning service:    10:00 AM

Children's Sunday school:  11:00 AM

Coffee is served following the service

Sermon response and discussion: 11:30

Check Ministries page for Youth and Bible study groups times.

Pastor:  Norm Voth .431.877-3192  pastor@elimmennonite.org


Lay Minister:

David Wiens 371-6081



Harv Enns 371-6358

Gerry Guenther  371-0541

Willie Wiens  346-4046

Carol Bergman 641-0084

Ellie Friesen 434-9301



Colleen E.  email or 371-1899

We, at Elim, are a collection of Christ seekers following in the footsteps of Jesus. Each of us comes as we are, sometimes broken, sometimes needing nourishment, often refreshed, wanting to worship and learn, always ready and willing to use our gifts and abilities to demonstrate Christ's love to each other, to our community and to the neighbor in distant parts of the world.  We are a community of believers welcoming you to worship with us!

Pastor Norm Voth is retiring at the end of April, 2024.  He has served Elim very well and we will miss him.  The search for a new Pastor has begun and following is the job discription for reference to anyone interested.


Job Description: Lead Pastor at Elim Mennonite Church in Grunthal, MB

-Full-time 40 hours per week, salaried, although we are flexible and may consider .75

-Elim follows the compensation and benefits guidelines from Mennonite Church Canada

Elim Mennonite Church is seeking a lead pastor who enjoys connecting with members to provide pastoral care and preaching sermons that deepen our walk with God. We view ourselves as a “second-chance” church – a place that tries to welcome the “outsider” who hasn’t found a place to call home in other faith families. As a result, we want to find a pastor who also strives to love and accept God’s people with a focus on community-building. The congregation will hire a pastor that fits well within our community and has gifts that will contribute to the way God is moving in our midst.


Our Core Beliefs

As a church community that follows Jesus we are guided by the following values:

1. Jesus is the center of our faith and his life was just as important as his birth, death

and resurrection.

2. Community is the center of our lives. God created us for community and that is where

we learn what it means to grow in Christlikeness.

3. Reconciliation is the center of our work.


About the Community

Grunthal, Manitoba is a vibrant rural community 66 kilometers south of Winnipeg. The community has a Kindergarten to Grade 12 School, daycare, a care home, credit union, grocery store, restaurants, pharmacy, thrift store, and several other businesses as well as a hockey arena, outdoor swimming pool, Motocross, fair grounds, etc. The surrounding area has farms and wooded areas that allow for quadding, snowmobiling, and many other outdoor activities.


Pastoral Tasks

-Provide preaching 3 Sundays per month which thoughtfully engage Scripture and take into account our Anabaptist theology

-Work with the ministry team to plan, organize, and lead the worship services and communion

-Teach faith classes to baptismal candidates


Pastoral Care

-The pastor should have a desire to connect and communicate with all generations, especially during times when individuals or families experience important transitions in their lives

-The pastor will identify the needs of the bereaved, distressed, or ill within the congregation and co-ordinate with the deacons to provide pastoral care, focusing most on our elderly members

-Provide support and guidance to attendees’ families during funerals and other life emergencies

-Provide counselling to members seeking help and make appropriate referrals as necessary. The church provides financial support for those in further need of counselling through Eden Health Care Services.


Church Programs and Organizations

-Participate on Church Council as ex-officio and attend Deacon meetings

-Lead and equip the deacons in their pastoral care

-When called upon, the pastor will participate in Mennonite Church Manitoba/Canada, representing the congregation’s interests or concerns. We are strongly connected at these different levels and encourage participation by our pastor as well as our congregants.

-Occasionally deliver sermons during a short service at the Grunthal Menno Home, a local care facility



-The pastor will be informed of all events, ministries, and education at Elim so they can provide support or input as they see fit

-Work closely with existing leadership (council, deacons, and worship committee)

-Spend a minimum of 3 half-days in the church office to complete administrative duties and allow scheduled times for drop-in visits by members. This time can also be used for home and hospital visits.



-The pastor is accountable to Council and gives a monthly report on activities

-The pastor submits for approval any plans for programs and responsibilities to Church Council

Elim, as part of Mennonite Church Canada, is affiliated with both the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Canadian Council of Churches.